Products, Remote Mount Oil Filter Kits, Price List

Part Number/
Description STC # Retail Price
AFC-K001 Universal Lycoming Homebuilt Kit  (Homebuilt) $525.00
AFC-K003* Robinson R22 Kit (SH1052NE) $999.00
AFC-K004* Schweizer 269/300 Series Kit (SH1065NE) $999.00
AFC-K005* Aviat Husky kit (SA00013NY) $999.00
AFC-K006* Super Cub kit (SA00008NY) $799.00
AFC-K007-A Universal Lycoming Kit    
  Fits All Lycoming engines using the 4 bolt      
  oil screen housing on rear of accessory case. (SA00024NY) $550.00
  Except IO-720 shown below    
AFC-K007-AC* All American Champion Aircraft with Lycoming engine (SA00024NY) $800.00
  Includes Lifetime Teflon Firesleeved Hoses    
AFC-K007-B Universal Lycoming Kit    
  Fits  All w/Single Drive Dual Drive [Bendix Magnetos] (SA00024NY) $550.00
AFC-K007-C Universal Lycoming Kit     
  Fits All IO-720 Engines (SA00024NY) $750.00
AFC-K007-D Universal Lycoming Kit    
  Fits GO/IGO/IGSO 435/480/540 engines  (SA00024NY) $550.00
AFC-K007-E Piper Superstar Kit    
  Fits TIO540-J2BD (SA00024NY) $750.00
AFC-K007-F   Universal Lycoming Filter Relocation Kit     
  For engines with existing oil filter on rear of accessory case. (SA00024NY) $550.00
AFC-K007-FC  Universal Lycoming Filter Relocation Kit     
  For all newer Cessna T182/T206 turbo (SA00024NY) $650.00
AFC-K007-FM*  Universal Lycoming Filter Relocation Kit     
  For all Maule with O/IO540 Engines (SA00024NY) $650.00
AFC-K007-G* Stearman Kit  [Lycoming R680 Radial]   (SA00024NY) $550.00
AFC-K007-H Engine Mounted Kit    
  [Requires 6.5 From Accy case to Firewall] (SA00024NY) $550.00
AFC-K007-X Universal Lycoming -8 Firewall Kit (SA00024NY) $550.00
AFC-K008-A Universal Continental kit    
  Fits A50/65/75/80, C75/C85/C90    
  C125, O200, & IO240 Engines (SA00079NY) $550.00
AFC-K008-AC All American Champion 7ECA with O200 engines (SA00024NY) $800.00
  Includes Lifetime Teflon Firesleeved Hoses    
AFC-K008-B Universal Continental Kit    
  Fits C145, O300, GO300, & IO360 (SA00079NY) $550.00
AFC-K008-C Universal Continental kit    
  Fits O470, IO470, IO520, TSIO520,     
  GTSIO520, & IO550 Engines  (Except Below) (SA00079NY) $550.00
AFC-K008-F Continental Filter Relocation Kit     
  Fits IO520BA, C, M,     
  TSIO520 B,D,E,J,K,L,N,U,BE,VB,WB &    
  IO550B & C engines and all  engines with new     
  TCM Oil Pumps w/integral oil filter mounting pad. (SA00079NY) $650.00
AFC-K008-D Universal Continental Kit    
  Fits O470 Military Engines     
  used on T34 Mentor & L-19 Birddogs. (SA00079NY) $600.00
AFC-K008-E Universal Continental kit    
  Fits E-165/185/205/225 engines (SA00079NY) $550.00
AFC-K008-G* Stearman Kit, [Continental W670 Radial with 1 Lines]  (SA00079NY) $550.00
AFC-K008-H* Waco Kit, [Continental W670 Radial with 3/4 Lines] (SA00079NY) $550.00
AFC-K008-K Continental C85-O200    
  Uses Oil Cooler Pad on LH side of -12 accy case (SA00079NY) $550.00
AFC-K008-X Universal Continental -10 Firewall Kit (SA00024NY) $550.00
AFC-K009-A* Bell 47 Kit, All Models with Lycoming engines (SR00408NY) $899.00
AFC-K009-B* Bell 47 Kit, All Models with Franklin engines (SR00408NY) $899.00
AFC-K010-A* Franklin Kit [Stinson 108] (SA00433NY) $550.00
AFC-K011* Robinson R44 Kit (SR00342NY) $1,299.00
AFC-K012-A* Hiller Kit, UH-12D (SR00420NY) $899.00
AFC-K012-B* Hiller Kit, UH-12E (SR00420NY) $899.00
AFC-K012-C* Hiller Kit, UH-12B/C (SR00420NY) $899.00
AFC-K014-A* Enstrom Kit, F28/A/280  (SR00568NY) $999.00
AFC-K014-B* Enstrom Kit, F28C/F  (SR00568NY) $999.00
AFC-K015-A   P&W R985 Kit, Stearman  (SA01282NY) $799.00
AFC-K015-B   P&W R985 Kit, Beaver   (SA01282NY) $899.00
AFC-K015-C   P&W R1340 Kit, T-6/Harvard (SA01282NY) $899.00
AFC-K015-D   P&W R1830 Kit, DC-3/C-47 (SA01282NY) $1,299.00
AFC-K015-E   P&W R985 Kit, Beech-18, Staggerwing, DGA-15  (SA01282NY)  $799.00
AFC-K015-F   P&W R1340 Kit, Otter (SA01282NY) $899.00
AFC-K015-G   P&W R985/1340 Kit, Ag-Cat (SA01282NY) $899.00
AFC-K015-H   P&W R1340 Kit, AT301/401/501 (SA01282NY) $899.00
AFC-K015-J   P&W R1340 Kit, Thrush/S2D (Snow)  (SA01282NY)  $899.00
AFC-K015-L   P&W R985 Kit, Grumman Goose  (SA01282NY)  $799.00
AFC-K015-K   P&W R985 Kit, Weatherly  (SA01282NY) $899.00
AFC-K015-M   P&W R2800/3350 Super Gorilla  (SA01282NY) $5,500.00
  Corsair, Sea Fury, DC-6    
AFC-K016-A  Wright R975E Kit,     PENDING $550.00
AFC-K016-B  Wright R1820 Kit, T-28     PENDING $999.00
AFC-K016-C  Wright R1820 Kit, HU-16 Albatross     PENDING $1,299.00
AFC-K016-D  Wright R1820 Kit, DC-3     PENDING $1,299.00
AFC-K016-G  Wright R2600 Kit, B25 & B17      PENDING $2,500.00
  [Uses -20 Oil Lines]    
AFC-K017-A* Jacobs R755 Kit, Stearman         SA01406NY $550.00
AFC-K017-B* Jacobs R755 Kit, Waco         SA01406NY $550.00
AFC-K017-C* Jacobs R755 Kit, Cessna 195      SA01406NY $550.00
AFC-K018   Sukhoi M14P Kit,     Not Applicable $550.00
AFC-K019   PZL M18 Kit, Dromadier PENDING $999.00
AFC-500 Replacement Oil Filter, Std.  (CH48108)   $20.00
AFC-600 Replacement Oil Filter, Long (CH48109)   $20.00
AFC-700  Replacement Oil Filter, Large,  P&W & Wright (SA01282NY) $30.00
AFC-370 Oil Filter Cutter [Rotax Filters]   $89.99
AFC-470 Oil Filter Cutter [Standard Aviation Filters]   $89.99
AFC-570   Oil Filter Cutter [Large Fram Filters]   $129.99
AFC-CH1 Oil Chiller [Standard Aviation Filters]   $150.00

*            Denotes Kits that include Hoses