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About Airwolf Filter Corp

Airwolf Filter Corp has been the leading supplier if Remote Mount Oil Filter Kits for Continental, Lycoming, Franklin and radial powered piston engine aircraft for nearly 40 years. There is nothing more important to engine life than keeping your oil clean and Airwolf remote oil filter kits do just that. Many piston aircraft flying today still only have oil screens which do nothing to protect the engine. Airwolf Filter Kits allow the use of spin on oil filters which reduce the recommended oil changes from 25 hours to 50, reduce oil temperatures and makes changing the oil a lot faster and with a lot less mess. We make flying a lot safer as metal can be found in the helicopters or fixed wing aircraft's oil filter long before it is large enough to be caught by an oil screen. You need to know your engine is making metal before a catastrophic failure.

Airwolf has added to its product line with its Air/Oil Separators. Owners of piston powered aircraft do not have to put up with oil from the breather coating the underside of the airplane or helicopter. Airwolf Air/ Oil separators put the oil back in the engine where it belongs. You aircraft stays clean, and you can top off the oil without having a quart blow in the first hour of flight.

The most recent addition to the Airwolf product line are our Wet Vacuum Pumps for all piston aircraft.
We have all heard of the problem with the short 500 hour life and unpredictable, sudden failure of dry vacuum pumps. Wet vacuum pumps are lubricated with engine oil and they simply do not fail suddenly. Wet vacuum pumps were the standard in the 1950's and 1960's until someone got the bright idea of selling dry vacuum pumps on the premise that it keeps the pump lubrication oil off the belly of your aircraft. The change to dry vacuum pumps turned out to be a very, very bad idea. A vacuum pump that stops working under IFR conditions has proven to be a proven to be a fatal condition. Wet vacuum pumps have much stronger vanes that ride on a film of oil. They provide better more vacuum power and never fail suddenly. At the end of their life the pilot will notice a reduction on the vacuum gauge. We guaranty them for ten years or 2,000 hours which for most of us is the life of the engine.