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Airwolf is the world’s largest manufacturer of remote mount oil filter systems, air/oil  separators and wet vacuum pumps. We encourage you to read up on our aviation products and you will soon understand why we at Airwolf say, "WE MAKE FLYING SAFER "

Airwolf has kits for all airplanes & helicopters powered by Lycoming, Continental, Franklin, Kinner, Warner, Pratt & Whitney, Jacobs, Curtiss Wright, Ranger & WSK PZL engines.
Air / Oil Separators for all Piston powered Airplanes & Helicopters. Recovers the oil from your engine and returns it to the engine instead of onto the belly of your aircraft.
Makes flying much, much safer. Wet Vacuum pumps do not fail catastrophically like dry pumps. Airwolf Wet Vacuum pumps have a 10 year / 2,000 hour guarantee.
The very best oil filter cutter made. Cuts all aviation filters with ease from the tiny Rotax to the large Fram. Nobody makes a better filter cutter.
The amazing Oil Chiller greatly reduces oil temperatures. Cooler temps help engines last longer.

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