Remote Mount Oil Filter Kits for Horizontally Opposed Conventional Piston Engines

Benefits of Airwolf Remote FAA/ PMA Oil Filter Kits:

  • Keeps your Oil Clean!
  • Extends Engine life
  • Extend oil changes from 25 to 50 hours
  • Traps tiny particles which can be found during filter element inspections so you know you have a problem before it’s too late
  • Filters oil before the oil cooler keeping any particles in the engine from ruining the oil cooler
  • Puts the oil filter in a much more easily accessible location-
  • Oil changes take minutes not hours/
  • Ends Messy oil changes
  • Protects your $11,000 fan shaft pinion gear.
  • Reduces engine temps by 20F
  • Kits Weighs less then 5 lbs
  • Many piston aircraft came equipeed with and still only have an oil screen.
  • Oil screens do nothing to protect your engine- particles larger than 20 microns (.001”) will cuase damage
  • Oil screens have one purpose- to catch particles when the engine starts making metal