Oil Filter Cutters

For Standard Aviation Filters, Rotax filters

and the large AFC-700 filters used on our Gorilla Kits for radial engines

Our AFC-470 cutter is the only one that will cut the new Champion filters.

Finally... An easy to use low cost oil filter cutter!

"The best oil filter cutter we have ever used is made by Airwolf Filter Corp."
Pete Bedell
AOPA Pilot Magazine
April 2000

  • Normal accepted practice is to cut your filter open at each and every oil change. This is "the" easiest way to immediately determine the health of your engine. Every A&P practices this ritual. No one wants to find metal in their oil filter, but it is far better to find out on the ground, than in the air.
  • The Airwolf AFC-470-1 oil filter cutter is constructed out of a solid billet of 6061T6 aluminum. Then we apply a thick layer of black hard coat anodizing to resist scratches and wear.
  • Specially designed razor sharp cutter wheel, hardened to 60 Rockwell, will slice the filter can open effortlessly. Cutter wheel is replaceable, but we doubt you will need one. Embry Riddle University just purchased their first replacement cutter wheel for an Airwolf Filter Cutter they have been using now for 3 years, cutting an average of 100 filters a month open. That's how tough our cutter wheel is.
  • The Airwolf oil filter cutter will weather the toughest of mechanic's operation. And, it is so easy to use, you can open up several filters in the same time as it takes to open one with the expensive Champion CT-470 cutter. Not only does our cutter save you time, but you can get it for a fraction of the Champion price. And, it is far better than the flimsy $49 cutters you might be tempted to buy.

  • Textron Lycoming in the recent Service Instruction SI-1492B, specifically recommends the use of the Airwolf AFC-470-1 cutter as a preferred method of opening up the oil filter to check for premature piston pin plug wear. If Lycoming is recommending it, you know it has to be good.

  • Guaranteed satisfaction. View it for 30 Days. If for any reason it does not meet your expectations, return it for a full refund.


Oil Filter Cutter [Rotax Filters]

Opens oil filters from 2.375" - 3.25" Dia


Oil Filter Cutter [Standard Aviation Filters]

Opens oil filters from 3.00" - 3.75" Dia



Oil Filter Cutter [Large Radial (Gorilla) Filters]

Opens oil filters from 4.00" - 4.75" Dia


Replacement AFC-470-50 cutter wheels fit the AFC-370/470/570 oil filter cutters and are $10.00 ea.