Typical BRAND "X" kit

  • What you see is what you get.
  • What's missing? How about;
    • Bare aluminum can with no corrosion protection. No powdercoating, no anodizing, just bare aluminum.
    • Tubes are all unbeaded.. No wonder we hear all the complaints why users of this system cannot keep the hoses from sliding off the tubes.
    • Hoses. There is no way of connnecting to or returning any oil to the engine.
    • Clamps.There are no clamps to secure the hoses.
    • Fittings..There are no fittings supplied to connect anything to the engine.
  • Sealed unit. There is no way to open up the unit and do any kind of inspection or cleaning. How do you know when it is going bad? It could be rotting away from the insde out and you will never know it until it's to late.
  • So for almost the same price as our MiniSep, you get nothing but a small aluminum can and you are supposed to have your mechainic manufacture and and round up all the parts necessary to do the actual installation onto the aircraft. At $75/hr and up, you can easily exceed the price of the original part and then some.

Separating Fact from Fiction - (pun intended)

The competitors Claims verses the Facts

Brand “X” Claim Brand “X” Comment The Truth
Brand X Keeps oil at the full mark. They say Airwolf kit users must start out 2 qts low to avoid a quick blowout. Nonsense. Airwolf lets you fill your oil up to the top of the dipstick if you want to. What's a "quick blowout" mean anyway?
Brand X Seperates all the oil from the air & water, None to filter. They say Airwolf filters out some oil from the reduced oil supply, remix it with air & water to emulsify it into sludge. Not possible for the competition to separate oil from water. They have only one chamber inside their unit and one 1/4" drain line. Seperating the oil from the water would defies the laws of physics. In addition, the statement "none to filter" makes no sense whatsoever. We have no idea what in the world they are talking about. While they like to make vague statements Airwolf backs up the truth with facts. Their small can condenses the steam boiled off the oil and puts it right back into the engine. Airwolf refuses to do this. as moisture is what rusts an engine. Our AirSeps heat up to above 212F. No water is condensed. Only the oil is captured. The water vapor [steam] goes right out the bottom of the Ariwolf heated AirSep. This orevents goo [emulsified oil] to form in places like the inside of the rocker covers.
Brand X claims that with full oil, engines run cooler cleaner, better They say that Airwolf operators have to start out 2 qts low and then oil is blown out continuously lower, engines run hotter and not as efficiently Really? Engines with full oil run cooler? No shoot Sherlock. Airwolf Airseps allow you to fill up the oil to the top mark on the dipstick. We wouldn't have it any other way.
Brand X claims that Blowby is part of good lubrication but only if a separator can keep the oil level full. Brand X says that Airwolf Air Sep’s do not control blowby, do not separate the air, oil and water , & do not keep oil level full. We do not know how they make this stuff up. Blowby is caused by leakage around the scraper ring on the bottom of the piston. While some blowby is found in all engines, it is definitely not a part of good lubrication. Excessive blowby is more a sign of worn rings and/or tired cylinders. No one can control blowby. What Airwolf AirSeps do is manage the blowby. The oil that gets past the tings is captured and put back into the engine. Our opinion is that you don't replace cylinders until you are not making power. Blowby is a cosmetic issue that Airwolf AirSep’s can easily manage.
Brand X claims that their airsep leaves your plane's belly clean Brand X says that operators with Airwolf’s AirSep continue to find their aircraft’s bottom dirty. Airwolf’s response is that this is Nonsense. Our AirSeps are 180% to 500% larger than Brand X’s which allows us to capture far more oil than theirs is capable of. They make great marketing statements but Brand X does not deliver.