Filter Kit for Bell 47

  • Full Flow
  • Easy To Install
  • Extends Engine Life
  • Total Weight under 5 lbs.
  • Extend oil changes to 50hrs.
  • FAA / PMA Approved
  • Ends messy oil changes.
  • Change your oil in minutes instead of hours.

The Airwolf Filter Kit is conveniently located at the upper RH corner of the firewall, right behind the oil cooler. It is out of sight, but easy to get to and service. Oil changes now take just 20 minutes, with no mess. Our adapter replaces the original oil screen putting an end to the difficult job of cleaning the screen every 25 hrs. In fact, with our filter kit, Lycoming allows you to extend your oil change intervals from 25hrs to 50hrs.
Get your helicopter flying sooner, and much less aggravation, and fly with the peace of mind know that your engine will last longer and be more trouble free.

New, Stainless Steel Hoses replace the existing hard line oil cooler lines. All helicopter kits include TSO'd hoses.
Located directly ahead of the oil cooler, the filter prevents your oil cooler from becoming a "trash collector".

Stop tolerating sticking valve problems and shortened engine life in your bell 47!

Protect the fan shaft pinion gear. Engines are easy to please and expensive to fix... All they want is clean oil, and plenty of it there is nothing you can do for your engine, that has more value than a plain old oil filter.

Price List


Remote Mount Kits with an "*" Include the Hoses,

Kits without an "*" require custom hoses- please supply hose measurements- These hoses are priced on application.