Gorilla Oil Filter Kits for Radial Engines

STC’d for Pratt & Whitney, Jacobs, Wright, Continental, and Lycoming radial engines.

Each kit easily mounts on tubular engine mounts or the engine firewall, depending on your application. Once mounted, the oil filter base connects in-line between the engine scavenge oil pump outlet and the oil cooler (or oil tank if no cooler) to help keep particles from the engine out of your oil cooler and tank. Oil pressure screens are not removed during the installation and only need to be inspected annually.

Airwolf currently offers 4 system variations to provide filtration for a wide range of engine sizes from small to very large, multibank radial engines. The single filter oil filter bases are specifically designed for scavenge oil line sizes that range from -12 (0.75”) up to -20 (1.25”) and our twin-filter “Super Gorilla” base is designed for the flow of -24 (1.50”) scavenge oil lines.

Select Remote Oil Filter Kit by reviewing our application chart below and corresponding installation manual.

Confirm your desired mount location and scavenge lines on your aircraft prior to ordering. Engine mount tube size and/or fitting type may vary from our standardized kit contents. This applies only to kits that mount on engine mount tubes.

Hoses & clamps are not included unless where indicated

Price List

Note: Remote Mount Kits with an "*" Include the Hoses

Kits without an "*" do not include hoses. If you choose to purchase your hoses from Airwolf, please contact us with your dimensions and fitting type once you have the system installed. We will provide you with a quote for custom made Aeroquip Teflon Firesleeved hoses.