Lycoming Engines

STC'd for ALL aircraft powered by O-235 through IO-720 Lycoming Engines.

Perfect for tight installations in ALL aircraft manufactured by:
Aviat Husky, Beech, Bellanca, Cessna, Grumman, Excalibur, Maule, Mooney, Piper, Pitts, Taylorcraft, and many others.

  • Typical kit weighs less than 5 pounds
  • The oil filter is conveniently mounted on the firewall, right-side up, where it makes oil changes a simple, no mess process.
  • All AIRWOLF kits mount to your existing accessory case.
  • Our lightweight 4 ounce adapter replaces outdated oil screens.
  • Your Vernatherm and Oil Temperature Probe transfer into our adapter.

Price List


Note: Remote Mount Kits with an "*" Include the Hoses,

Kits without an "*" require custom hoses- please supply hose measurements- These hoses are priced on application.